Domestic & International

It is easy and free!

Yes, We ship from Iceland where ever you are in the world without extra charges.  We usually bring your parcel to the post office the day after you place your order, and the Icelandic post takes care of the delivery. We will send you a tracking number to follow your parcel over the sea, it may take a few days, depending on where you are in the world.

We do not use plastic in our packaging, just recycled paper... and some ribbon for the appearance.

To reduce the environmental impact of international shipping, one tree is planted for every shipment we make.


Heimsending er innifalin.

Venjulega er farið með pakka á póst daginn eftir að pantað er, og ætti hann því að berast heim að dyrum á örfáum dögum innanlands. 

Við notum aldrei plast við innpökkun, bara endurunnin pappír og smá borða til skrauts.